Latin american private clients
New tax reforms, new anti evasion policies (BEPS, CFC), amnesty and repatriation programmes: which compliant strategies for your Latin American private clients?

• Recent and upcoming tax reforms
• Building and improving the Anti tax evasion framework: implementing BEPS (GAAR, deduction of interest, hybrids…), CFC rules for companies & individuals
• How tax administrations are fighting tax optimisation/ tax evasion strategies? What is in the spotlight for the administration and the judges?
• Which compliant structures should be set up?
• OECD and the exchange of tax information: Brazilian perspective
• Brazil: RERCT and the main changes applicable to the program approved in 2017
• Mexico: the 2017 Capital Repatriation Decree (9 January 2017)
• Structuring passive investments: Brazil
• Structuring active/productive investments: Brazil
• Estate planning strategies for Latin American families and family businesses
• Estate planning structures in Brazil and risks for foreign bankers/advisors