9 & 10 May 2019, Hotel Baur au Lac

• The points of attention for tax planning for Russian clients in 2019
• The anti tax evasion tools used by the Russian tax administration
• When are trusts qualified as CFC
• How to eliminate redundant or CFC entities?
• Which holding jurisdictions after the implementation of the ATAD?
• Tax treatment of a foreign trust with Russian elements
• PPLI policies for Russian high net worth individuals
• Russian clients and the issue of control
• Russian clients and confidentiality
• Investing in crypto currencies: a new trend for Russian clients
• Structuring art investments
• Residence planning and its risks: the wide use of Residence By Investment (RBI)
    jurisdictions and of special non dom regimes
• The consequences of the reform of currency control in 2018
• Identifying and document the Source of Wealth in the Russian context
• Strategies to avoid US sanctions and the risks for the bank