Delegated event management
You want to organise an event for the financial services industry, you have a concept, but you miss the database to contact all the target audience, you do not want to waste time on the administrative and logistical burdens (registrations, invoicing, hotel bookings, payments, documentation, flights, badges…), you need to send out a printed invitation or only emails but do not know how to make it attractive, short, clear, different, maybe you need advice on which themes and speakers will generate the maximum interest from your target audience; you want to optimise the costs (printing, hotels, flights, organisation, marketing…). For all these needs Academy & Finance may assist you. We can help you on a strategic level (choice of date, theme, length, timing, price…) and on a practical level (save time, save money, choose the best service providers, do things professionally). We can help you to be produce innovative, useful and smart events. Please contact us for an evaluation of your needs.